Troubleshoot Website Display Issues w/ “Toggle Extensions On/Off” Chrome Extension

Troubleshoot Website Display Issues w/ “Toggle Extensions On/Off” Chrome Extension

Hi Mr. E gang! I’m going to introduce you to a great Chrome extension named “Toggle Extensions On/Off” and how it helped me troubleshoot 2 website display issues I was having. Hopefully, my experience will help you or a friend who might run into the same issue.

One of my issues involved Facebook Messenger not displaying at all – Which was problematic for tasks that required Facebook Messenger (i.e. Facebook Messenger Bot authentication). But it mainly hindered me from using the full Facebook Messenger page. I’ve had this issue for going on 4 months, I just assumed my PC was showing it’s age and it was time for an upgrade. After all, I didn’t have signs of a virus/malware after many virus scans.

My 2nd and more recent issue (which I couldn’t afford to ignore) was my eCommerce site. The homepage didn’t display properly, it was as though code was broken somewhere. After testing multiple devices I discovered the issue only displayed on my PC and only on the Chrome browser.

Time to hunt down this problem with no mercy!

Since the issue was specifically on the Chrome browser I could try to disable each extension until the problem went away. Then I’d know for sure which plugin was the culprit. But if the extensions wasn’t the problem I woud’ve wasted a lot of time disabling extensions 1-by-1 while checking if the display went back to normal. How could I test my theory without wasting too much time? Is there an option to disable all the extensions at once? Sadly, no. Introducing “Toggle Extensions On/Off”! BOOM! Just like that, my eCommerce site was displaying properly again ūüėć.

Now that I’m 100% sure an extension was wreaking havok on how my eCommerce site displays, the only thing to do now is figure out which extension was to blame. There’s no way around this part…

  1. Toggle “OFF” the “Toggle Extensions On/Off” to resume all plugins
  2. Verify that the problem still exists.
  3. Write list of all active plugins
  4. Manually disable all extensions 1-by-1, the website should’ve returned to normal.
  5. Re-Enable extensions 1-by-1 while refreshing the website to see if the last enabled extension disrupted anything.

I eventually ran into an extension that was causing the issue. The extension was a suggested extension for compatibility for emoji’s across devices. EMOJIONE suggested the new extension, but EMOJIONE has been flawless from day one. Long story short, I deleted the suggested extension and I don’t even recall the name but if I see the suggestion again I’ll list it here.¬†

Here’s the cool part. Out the blue my messenger page started working again! So that extension was also the cause my Facebook Messenger page not working. I was being affected longer than I realized.

I’m thankful to this cool extension cause it cut my troubleshooting time down in a blink of an eye. So if you run into funky unexplainable issues with your Chrome browser, you can use “Toggle Extensions On/Off” extension to disable all extensions at once – Which makes it a whole lot easier to know¬†if an extension might the issue.

Until next time Mr. E gang, catch you later!

Test Post Please Ignore

Test Post Please Ignore

Test Post Please Ignore

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Top Budget Gaming Monitors for Video Game Consoles 2017

Top Budget Gaming Monitors for Video Game Consoles 2017

Top Budget Gaming Monitors for Video Game Consoles 2017

This list will present the best eSports Gaming Monitors for the budget conscious Video Game Console gamer. I will omit 4K, and most 75hz & 144hz monitors as eSports is¬†mainly concerned with frame rates and response time on 24-inch TN panels. It’s¬†a struggle to find the best hardware for your budget, that’s why I have made it simple by doing the research for you via forums, customer reviews, and expert reviews.

[table id=1 /]

Note: Refresh Rates above 60hz (i.e. 75hz & 144hz) are more suited for PC gaming, but can also handle consoles at native 60hz.

If you’ve ever wondered why your combos weren’t coming out properly, or you keep getting owned in first person shooters, one of the reasons could be your monitor.

Notice I didn’t say “TV” because TV’s aren’t for eSports!

Casual gamers wouldn’t care to know this as they don’t play at a high level so TV’s are enough for them. However, if you intend to be a pro or high-level gamer, you already know how important it is to have every advantage you can get. eSports games are where frames-per-second matter, like in¬†Call Of Duty¬†or¬†Street Fighter, having lightening-fast reaction times and frame rates determines the winner.

Because eSports demands the very best in response times, I didn’t bother to include monitors with a response time that’s longer than 1ms.

Consoles are capped at 60hz (i.e. 60 frames per second) so monitors that exceed “60hz refresh rate” are not necessary but also do not negatively impact your gameplay.

There’s a lot to consider, but I’m going to narrow the search greatly to the following monitors below for the best bang for the buck.

RANK #1: BenQ ZOWIE 24″ RL2460


Not the most exciting monitor to look at, but the Zowie RL2460 by BenQ is the number one option for console gamers and console-based video game tournaments. It can swivel, pan and tilt.

The display itself has a 60hz refresh rate, which means you’ll get pretty smooth gameplay. And a 1ms response time, that means your reaction time can’t be blamed on your display anymore. This monitor ticks off every requirement and then some for eSports, you won’t find a more capable eSports monitor for console gaming.

Who should buy: Gamers who understand that pro-level performance requires the best hardware.

Current Price:¬†[amazon_link asins=’B01H5KKRLY’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’erskinhansen-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a63ba6d6-8504-11e7-9f0d-2be5d5c34fb8′]

Overzealous Client? Cut Your Losses & Move On

Overzealous Client? Cut Your Losses & Move On

Welcome back, guys! This is a topic near and dear to my heart, it’s about avoiding a potential client¬†because it’s not in the best interest of your health and sanity.

Story time…

Not too long ago I had a potential client who sought me out to help them overcome a web media problem. From what I understand, I was at the bottom of the totem pole as they contacted me as a last resort. I’m not offended about that, truly. I feel vindicated when a potential client passes me over to go through (an avoidable) hell, only to come right back around to me. “I told you so” doesn’t fully capture the irony.

Despite their attempts to hide their emotions, it wasn’t difficult to see how stressed they were. They had all but given up because the project wasn’t providing badly needed income. Instead, it was bleeding money for a few years now. Problems with the project seemed to multiply as the last one was solved. They even commissioned 8+ contractors to help but with no positive results to speak of. I believe the picture is becoming clear to you that there was trouble all around and I was being asked to wave my magic wand and create apple pie out of this mess of ingredients.

I believe the picture is now clear to you. There was a mess in “the kitchen” and I was expected to create apple pie without ingredients. As the internet would say, “hold my beer” lol.

Here’s an analogy¬†that may help you understand what it’s like dealing with web projects…

Imagine that I’m a BMW mechanic. BMW cars have 4 wheels like Ford and Ferrari cars, that makes them similar but not the same. For instance, if your Ford or Ferrari has a flat or needs oil, I can fix that. General things crossover no matter the brand.

In contrast, if your Ford or Ferrari needs a transmission replacement, I ¬†might be able to help, but I can’t guarantee it. I won’t know for sure how helpful or not helpful I can be without knowing what’s going under the hood.

Like the BMW mechanic, I have brand specific skills that include crossover skills that work despite the brand. In the case of this potential client, they wanted me to guarantee success outside my brand specific skills without allowing a full assessment. How do I know? Glad you asked. I was adamant about:

  1. Not adding myself to the list of failed contractors
  2. Never padding costs, unfair pricing or price gouging
  3. Evaluating the project completely and making recommendations (even if the recommendation was to seek assistance with another contractor/specialist who would better connect with their needs).
  4. Never promising to something I couldn’t guarantee I¬†could deliver.

After hearing that and receiving 90% completed assessment (pro bono), they opted to back out of the business relationship because “they felt overwhelmed”. I’m not sure what that response means when someone goes above and beyond to protect your interest, but I digress. It was followed by something to the effect of “All I need is XYZ, nothing else”. Needless to say, I was more than happy to agree with their plea of being overwhelmed and immediately cut ties.

What’s the takeaway from all these shenanigans…

You should’ve picked up on a couple clues:

  1. Who makes 8+ mistakes in hiring contractors? At some point, you have to admit that the contractor is not the problem if you are still making the same mistake in your hiring practices. There’s a saying: FOOL ME ONCE, FOOL ME TWICE (you know the rest).
  2. If someone is giving you facts, honesty, saving you money, giving actionable advice to grow your business, and going out their way to protect your interest, that’s the definition of a “good teammate”. That’s the type of people you want to keep around you. Yet, this potential client was more interested in rushing, then being frustrated when confronted with the reality that excellence requires time. Rushing is what got them in this pickle in the 1st place.
  3. Notice I didn’t bother trying to convince them of my value. Why should I? They’ve bulldozed through multiple contractors and lost lots of money along the way. When the first person (to my knowledge) offered value before asking for money showed up, they opted out. If someone can’t see your value, don’t waste your time trying to convince them. Cut your losses and move one. Your health and sanity deserve better.

I hope you enjoyed my take on an overzealous client. There are other types of potential clients to be wary of (to be sure), but that’s another story for another day. Until next time, have a great one guys!! God Bless.

Newbie to Affiliate Marketing

Newbie to Affiliate Marketing

Hey gang, did you know about this thing called affiliate marketing? Well, it’s all the rage! Basically, you drive traffic to products you think other people might enjoy, then you earn a commission if they buy it. That’s it! Sounds simple, right? Wrong. LOL.

First off, competition is fierce for almost everything you can dream of marketing. Finding effective ways to market can be a daunting¬†task as well. The enormous number of places to market and the burden of creating content to attract potential buyers is a real chore. All this “fun” can kill your mojo faster than a skunk at a birthday party.

So why bother? My thoughts exactly. But here’s an alternative perspective…

Why should it be easy? I mean, you’re basically trying to create a dream job. Why should it be easy for you or anyone to “get in” and “get paid” incredible sums of money? You’re basically earning money by running your mouth to other people about some awesome things you think would help them. BTW, a lot of us already do that for free lol. But if you expect to #1: Get paid to do it, #2: Making an actual living, #3: Create a solid foundation (unchanged by the weather or financial climate), etc. Why should it be easy?

The fact is, you should be glad it’s not easy. There’s an old saying: EASY COME, EASY GO. There’s some wisdom to be had in that message. What comes together quickly will¬†usually¬†come apart at the same speed.

Here’s the takeaway from this quasi-rant and endorsement of affiliate marketing…

When it comes to being an affiliate marketer (or someone who dabbles from time to time), you learn pretty quickly that there are many moving parts to manage (assuming you intend to be successful at it). I consider those moving parts to be “strings” that hold the hammock together. The more strings you have, the stronger the hammock. And the stronger the hammock, the¬†longer you can lay in that hammock on your never ending vacation.

Final words…

I am nowhere near a full-time affiliate marketer, I’m an intermediate dabbler if there’s such a thing lol. As I learn more I’ll update my thoughts here from a strategic standpoint, rather than a technical perspective. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day and God Bless!

Hello world! Media Consultant at Your Service!

Hello world! Media Consultant at Your Service!

Hi guys, thanks for visiting my website! If the website address hasn’t already given it way, my name is Erskin Hansen. I’m a media consultant. What is a media consultant? A media consultant has experience with many forms of media, then gives advice to make the most of that media.

When you visit my website I hope you gain new insights and useful advice to make your business & personal life a little easier.

Sometimes all we ever need is a different perspective to shift our view. Soon afterward there’s a breakthrough.

If something I share gives you a breakthrough, please let me and everyone know in the comments. We all need encouragement!

This might be hard to believe…

For most of my life, I’ve steered away from the limelight. If you weren’t privileged or burdened to know better, the truth is… fame comes with a price. And I know this 1st hand. For that reason, I’ve never advertised anything with my name or face attached to it. My past opportunities have come from word of mouth. Avoiding the temptation to plaster myself on anything saying “Hey customers, buy me!” was easy.

I would prefer to be known for helping others, rather than being known for “being known”.

This website isn’t me “changing my mind”. I’m still not interested in fame, but I realized that it’s a consequence of being great at whatever you do. So help me embrace an uncomfortable position with your positive vibes. Thanks!

Before I go, here’s a boring list of things I’ve done that led me to this point in my life…

  1. Web Design
  2. Graphic Design (Logo, Posters, Fliers, Business Cards)
  3. Music+Sound Editing
  4. Photography + Editing (Wedding, Real Estate, Birthday/Party Event, Modeling, Passport
  5. Videography (Commercial, PSA, Music Video, Green Screen, etc.)
  6. Cinematography (Scriptwriting, Sound Scoring, Short Film, Special FX, etc.)
  7. Business Plan Writing
  8. Event Hosting (Video Games)
  9. Managing Models (Modeling Agency)
  10. PC Building