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I would say it’s the most exciting time to be a filmmaker in the past 20 years. Suddenly the door has been opened. - Philip Bloom

How a gear head created cool social media videos with no tech skills and a smart phone.

It takes an expensive computer and expensive camera to make a great video... 

You've heard that before, right? 

Well, it's a lie.

Kevin, the gear head, proves it by turning a cell phone and simple media tips into the jump start his business needed to attract new business on social media.

Have you ever seen those "Here's how they got rich on YouTube" videos before? 

I used to see them all over the place, and think to myself, “Somebody become successful by making stupid videos online?” 

My heroes were all people athletes who did phenomenal things in sports. But these new aged guys got famous and rich making videos for the web.  

How on earth did they do it? Sorry, this isn't one of those "how to get rich on YouTube" stories. 

This is about someone who learned to express their passion creatively using basic techniques for making awesome video content for social media.

"I've always dreamed of sharing my passion online, but had no idea how to do it with stye. Today, I'm more in control of my vision when creating media than I've ever been."  

Delores Schang

How did he get good at expressing his passion on social media?

Some time ago I talked with Kevin to find out exactly how he did it...  

... and honestly, what I learned blew me away. 

Over the past 5 years I've interviewed over 1,000 entrepreneuers. People like Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran from "Shark Tank" and the founders of Wikipedia and Groupon. 

All of those people are big names making waves in massive tech-focused industries. But Brian did it picking up trash. 

One of the first things I asked Brian when we talked was how much money he was going to make this year. 

His answer? 

"We’ll finish this year at $151 million and we’re really excited about!" 

Ha! I bet he's excited. 

Throughout our conversation he shared details on exactly how he got started and was able to kick-start his company without borrowing a dime. 

This was one of my favorite parts... 

"I was contemplating my future. I hadn’t finished high school and was one credit short of graduation. 

I was at a McDonald’s drive-thru at a time when the summer labor market was tight. Finding a job was going to be difficult, and I thought to myself, 'What if I just got out and created my own job?

And there in front of me was this beatup, old pickup truck. It said Marx Hauling on the side and it hit me: 'There’s my ticket.' 

A few days later, I went out and bought a truck of my own and created a vision of building a business that would pay for college. 

It did that and then some. 

A few years later I dropped out of college with one year left in my degree, and I had to sit down with my father who is a liver transplant surgeon and have that difficult conversation. 

I said, 'Guess what, dad? I’m leaving college to become a full-time junk man!

...and there was no looking back."

"To say I was hopeless is an understatement. I was never tech savvy, but I knew how I wanted to look online. Thankfully, there was help for tech savvy-less people like me." 

Josh Plante

Is it possible for you to make creative videos for your business or hobby with little (or no) money?

Brian and I talked for over an hour and he shared every detail of his journey. I recorded our interview and would love to give it to you so you can learn how to start your own business. 

A little about me... 

My name is Andrew Warner. I'm the founder of Mixergy. Every week I interview successful entrepreneurs like Brian who teach others what they learned from their own experiences. 

Just below you can download our full 60-minute interview where you'll learn... 

How he collected free junk from the side of the road and paid for his college tuition 

• The lightbulb moment that put the wheels in motion on his company (this is a really funny story) 

How he came up with the original name of his business (it wasn't always 1-800-GOT-JUNK) 

• His sales strategy that produced his first customer and convinced all of his high school friends to come work for him 

How he scored free press on the front page of his local newspaper and how that took him to the next level 

• ...And much more. 

Just click the button below and I'll immediately send you access to our entire conversation. 

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